Top 10 Must Watch Online Movies for 2017

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The cinema industry has flourished before our very eyes to such an extent that instead of one or two gigantic free streaming movies per annum, we get scores of them made.
Our lives have become so encompassed with them that it seems as even if we watched one movie a day, there still would be multitudes of them left after the 365 day time period.
Sadly though, most of us cannot utilize that luxury as things like work, home maintenance. Social as well as familial obligations surround us. Hence, there is little time for watching hd movies.

That’s why it is absolutely mandatory to narrow down the list of free streaming movies that one might watch to be amongst the “in crowd”. Dawn of Justice Here, we have compiled a list of Top Ten must follow with to watch online movies free for 2017 that will surely be a part of every single conversation taking place in 2017.
And if you’re anything like us, you’d want to be a part of it.
So let’s begin;


First up in our list of must watch free streaming movies for 2017 is the Sci-fi Action/Horror film that resident evil movie posterhas been a constant part of our zombie addicted brains for the past decade.
It is the sixth and last installment in the Resident Evil series based on the videogame of the same title.
Even though the fifth movie was released five years ago, Final Chapter will pick right up from where Retribution left off.
The movie is to be released on Jan 27, 2017 and we’ve marked our  calendars to visit Racoon City for perhaps the last time.


Continuing with the story of John Wick (2014) (which is debatably one of the best action free movies john wick chapter two movie posterwithout downloading ever made) John Wick 2 is set to release on Feb 10 of the upcoming year.
Based on the classic theme of an Assassin out for revenge, the film stars Keanu Reeves as John who is trying to help his old buddies stuck in the middle of a scheme to overthrow an assassin coven.
The film is surely filled with enough gore and action to keep you glued to your seats and that is why you must watch it the coming year.

3. BEAUTY AND THE BEASTbeauty and the beast movie poster

After the booming success of Disney’s life animation of the Cinderella, audiences were anticipating other beloved Disney Princesses’ real life happily ever afters.
And Disney didn’t disappoint. The fairytale of 1991 is getting revamped with a new perspective written by Stephen Chbosky and has been given the green signal to release on 27th of March of the upcoming year.
Fans are also excited to see their childhood idol Hermione Granger aka Emma Watson portraying the young and intelligent Belle as well.

4. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2guardians of the galaxy movie poster

Let’s be honest, we all fell in love with the galaxy’s most “Cool” superheroes in GOTG and were hoping to get anything they’d throw our way.
This time around, the mismatched band of vagabonds featuring our favourites;  Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax and Youndu are on the quest to unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s real parents.
The hd movies is bound to be a joyride with the arrival of Awesome mixtape #2 and will premiere on 5th May.

5. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALESpirates of the caribean movie poster

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise’s fifth installment is set to release on 26th of May and mixed response is being generated for the streaming hd movie.
Although not many details have been enclosed but the plot revolves around Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) searching for Poseidon’s trident, reportedly the most powerful thing on earth.
Orlando Bloom will be seen in his role of Will Turner as well.

6. WONDER WOMANwonder woman movie poster

Fans of the female superheroes had been pining for a female lead character centered large budget free movie for ages and their wish is finally coming true.
The story encompasses the journey of Diana Prince becoming the Wonder Woman and will fall somewhere before the Batman vs. Superman clash.
It is rumoured to be the first installment in a trilogy centered around Wonder woman and the time period passed during the fateful plane crash on the Amazonian princess’ island and present day.
The release date is June 2nd and we’re all waiting on our toes to watch the free films.

7. WAR OF THE PLANET OF APESwar for the planet of the apes movie poster

After the huge success of both, free movies online prior to this one in the series, War of the Planet of Apes is all set for huge success.
The Sci-fi/Action film sets off the classics in a reimagined world, starting with the aftermath of the dramatic events portrayed in the Rise of Planet Ape movie.
The plot is presently unknown but speculations regarding the plot include theories of remaining humans fighting with the apes are being considered.
The reentry of the evil ape Koba is also being theorized.
The movie will be releasing on 14th July and will set off the summer movie trend for the coming year.

8. THOR RAGNAROKthor movie poster

There are many of us who did not get our fill of Norse action in Thor the movie nor in the Avengers movies, making it possible for the production of sequel to the original.
The  free streaming movie follows the Norse Mythology in which Ragnarok is an apocalyptic series of events resulting in the world submerging into water and it’s rebirth along with the death of gods including Thor and Loki.
The original actors portraying lead characters will be returning and the release date has been announced as November the 3rd.

9.  JUSTICE LEAGUEjustice league movie poster

2017 seems to be a great year for comic fans with the release of many superhero themed flicks in store.
Justice league will pick up where Batman Vs. Superman left off; at Clark Kent’s funeral when Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne concluded the need for them to join forces.
Jared Leto will be reprising his famed role of the Joker while Aquaman and Flash are also part of the film.
Speculation regarding superman making an appearance is also being circled.
The JL movie will grace the theatres on 17th November.


The last mega blockbuster film on our top ten list is perhaps the most anticipated free online movie of 2017.
Even though we will be watching Rouge One in 2016, we can hardly wait for the eighth installment in the series that has dominated our childhood and most of adulthood as well.
The plot thickens as Rey continues her journey with Finn, Luke Skywalker and Poe.
The film will pick up where Episode Seven left off.
This is surely to be a Star wars fan’s dream come true as hopes for some questions and mysteries to answered are being pegged on the new episode.
And we must say 2017 will be going out with a bang as the movie will be released on 15th of December next year.
We can hardly wait for the next year to arrive. If you want to check out some other cool free online movies without downloading or signing up being released next year, check the links below.
And in the meanwhile mark your calendars for the golden year of filmmaking.

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