Spermula Movie

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The Spermulites of the planet Spermula are threatened by a bigger, tougher planet. So, needing a new space ball to call home, the weedy Spermulon leader ‘Big Mother’ sends some Spermulonion beings (in female earth human disguise) to earth so they can suck up all the male human sperm they can get their lips on. No, I ain’t fucking high, that’s the odd plot of this quite arty, certainly fartsy outer-space boot-knocking opera from erotic French producer Bernard Lenteric.

Dayle Haddon and Francois Duoyer are the sultry aliens who scream when they see their human forms spermula movie posterthe first time in a mirror, but then quickly calm down when they are beamed straight to France, earth, circa 1930’s and are sentenced to live like rich, perverted pigs at a huge country mansion. Decadent to the max, the alien/girls resist falling in love and set about blowing the world into extinction while the entire movie shuns reality in favour of a languid trudge thru’ high camp, stage orgasms and scenes involving wonky disco/funk music (by Jose Bartel) and turned on midget’s. And, every now and then, transexual alien Udo Kier sticks his androgynous head around the door to complain to the gals about his lack of cock and balls.

Easily the opposite of cheap, skuzzy fare such as Space Thing (68) and Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman (72), try to find the far more dream-like and cerebral original French print because the English dubbing on the American release is utterly rancid—and funny.

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