2016 – Not a Bad Year For Hollywood (Top Movie Earners)

top hollywood movie earnings for 2016

2016 was the most lucrative year for Hollywood in its entire history. Now much of it is attributed to the rapid expansion of the industry and increasing global appeal and not the quality of the movies because this was a somewhat mediocre year when it comes to quality of the movies. But, nonetheless, many movies were able to gross a lot of money this time around. So, which of them racked up the most bucks? Here are the top five worldwide grossing movies from 2016:

5. The Secret Life of Pets- $875 million the secret life of pets movie poster

With regular movies not being up to the mark, this year the animated movies stole the show with Moana, Zootopia and Finding Dory doing exceptionally well. The Secret Lives of Pet was also a creative masterpiece that enthralled not just kids but people from all age groups. It was a story that was just created for the big screen regarding the secret lives of all sorts of pets that they hide from humans. If you love cute animals, you would have definitely seen this one.


4. Jungle Book- $965 millionjungle book

The classic Disney cartoon was rebooted this year and while it cannot be called animation, the breathtaking special effects and the artistry behind the scenes mean that the cinema goers were amazed by how it played out. It has a slightly different story than the original and hence it was somewhat of a surprise as well. It was both critically and commercially a successful movie and now ranks among the top five earners of this year. I have my fingers crossed for a sequel but it should be just as good.



3. Zootopia-$1.023 billionzootopia movie poster

Another Disney movie steals the show here and it helped make the studios the highest earning entity in cinema last year with over 6 billion in cinema money rolling in. The animated movie was also a critical success since it dealt with stereotypes in the society and how it affects the young ones around us. It is a much watch for the children and animation lovers from across the world and while it will be difficult finding it on screens now, do take it on DVD or live stream the movie on our website!



2. Finding Dory- $1.029 billionfinding dory movie poster

We all fell in love with Nemo and Dory in the original Finding Nemo from 2003 and since then there was talk about a possible sequel on the cards but it was delayed for over 13 years and finally we were able to see the Disney/Pixar movie that didn’t disappoint. Now this time it was Finding Dory, who is played by Ellen Degeneres and has a memory of about ten seconds so it was pretty interesting imagining it in my head and even more fun seeing it on the big screen. The ocean is back and this time, the special effects are even better and the reefs and the fishes look real, except when they open their mouth and show their weird accents. Most of the old cast is back along with a few up and comers and it is the same amazing experience once again. Overall, really solid production and currently stands number two on the highest grossing movies of 2016.

1. Captain America: Civil War- $1.2 billion dollarscaptain america civil war movie poster

Now it was less of a Captain America movie and more of an Avengers movie minus the Hulk and Thor. This time all the cocky bullshit is gone and the movie takes a much more serious tone and the storyline is really solid for once, something Marvel isn’t exactly famous for. There are two teams this time around that start forming after a difference of opinion between Tony stark aka Iron Man and Captain Steve Rodgers aka Captain America but it is not that simple.

It is an ideological difference between the two and how the see the future of Avengers and whether or not, leaders of the world would have any control over their operations. It soon gets darker and someone gets hurt and then we are just gripped by the story. Having an ensemble cast is not an easy thing, but the director does it so well, giving each individual character ample time and action sequence. We learn a lot about the Winter Soldier as well.

Anyway, top of the line action, well-knit story and some great directing made it into the biggest blockbuster yet. We say yet because until this article was written, Rogue One: A Star Wars movie was doing great on theatres with some solid figures and it may well take out the Civil War from the top of the standings for last year. But since it was released just fifteen days prior to the end of this year and is still going strong, I wouldn’t consider it a movie of 2016 at all. It has racked up $800 million worldwide already. You can stream all of these movies in good prints over here.

Top 10 Must Watch Online Movies for 2017

free streaming movies for 2017 poster

The cinema industry has flourished before our very eyes to such an extent that instead of one or two gigantic free streaming movies per annum, we get scores of them made.
Our lives have become so encompassed with them that it seems as even if we watched one movie a day, there still would be multitudes of them left after the 365 day time period.
Sadly though, most of us cannot utilize that luxury as things like work, home maintenance. Social as well as familial obligations surround us. Hence, there is little time for watching hd movies.

That’s why it is absolutely mandatory to narrow down the list of free streaming movies that one might watch to be amongst the “in crowd”. Dawn of Justice Here, we have compiled a list of Top Ten must follow with megamovies.cc to watch online movies free for 2017 that will surely be a part of every single conversation taking place in 2017.
And if you’re anything like us, you’d want to be a part of it.
So let’s begin;


First up in our list of must watch free streaming movies for 2017 is the Sci-fi Action/Horror film that resident evil movie posterhas been a constant part of our zombie addicted brains for the past decade.
It is the sixth and last installment in the Resident Evil series based on the videogame of the same title.
Even though the fifth movie was released five years ago, Final Chapter will pick right up from where Retribution left off.
The movie is to be released on Jan 27, 2017 and we’ve marked our  calendars to visit Racoon City for perhaps the last time.


Continuing with the story of John Wick (2014) (which is debatably one of the best action free movies john wick chapter two movie posterwithout downloading ever made) John Wick 2 is set to release on Feb 10 of the upcoming year.
Based on the classic theme of an Assassin out for revenge, the film stars Keanu Reeves as John who is trying to help his old buddies stuck in the middle of a scheme to overthrow an assassin coven.
The film is surely filled with enough gore and action to keep you glued to your seats and that is why you must watch it the coming year.

3. BEAUTY AND THE BEASTbeauty and the beast movie poster

After the booming success of Disney’s life animation of the Cinderella, audiences were anticipating other beloved Disney Princesses’ real life happily ever afters.
And Disney didn’t disappoint. The fairytale of 1991 is getting revamped with a new perspective written by Stephen Chbosky and has been given the green signal to release on 27th of March of the upcoming year.
Fans are also excited to see their childhood idol Hermione Granger aka Emma Watson portraying the young and intelligent Belle as well.

4. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2guardians of the galaxy movie poster

Let’s be honest, we all fell in love with the galaxy’s most “Cool” superheroes in GOTG and were hoping to get anything they’d throw our way.
This time around, the mismatched band of vagabonds featuring our favourites;  Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, Drax and Youndu are on the quest to unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s real parents.
The hd movies is bound to be a joyride with the arrival of Awesome mixtape #2 and will premiere on 5th May.

5. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALESpirates of the caribean movie poster

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise’s fifth installment is set to release on 26th of May and mixed response is being generated for the streaming hd movie.
Although not many details have been enclosed but the plot revolves around Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) searching for Poseidon’s trident, reportedly the most powerful thing on earth.
Orlando Bloom will be seen in his role of Will Turner as well.

6. WONDER WOMANwonder woman movie poster

Fans of the female superheroes had been pining for a female lead character centered large budget free movie for ages and their wish is finally coming true.
The story encompasses the journey of Diana Prince becoming the Wonder Woman and will fall somewhere before the Batman vs. Superman clash.
It is rumoured to be the first installment in a trilogy centered around Wonder woman and the time period passed during the fateful plane crash on the Amazonian princess’ island and present day.
The release date is June 2nd and we’re all waiting on our toes to watch the free films.

7. WAR OF THE PLANET OF APESwar for the planet of the apes movie poster

After the huge success of both, free movies online prior to this one in the series, War of the Planet of Apes is all set for huge success.
The Sci-fi/Action film sets off the classics in a reimagined world, starting with the aftermath of the dramatic events portrayed in the Rise of Planet Ape movie.
The plot is presently unknown but speculations regarding the plot include theories of remaining humans fighting with the apes are being considered.
The reentry of the evil ape Koba is also being theorized.
The movie will be releasing on 14th July and will set off the summer movie trend for the coming year.

8. THOR RAGNAROKthor movie poster

There are many of us who did not get our fill of Norse action in Thor the movie nor in the Avengers movies, making it possible for the production of sequel to the original.
The  free streaming movie follows the Norse Mythology in which Ragnarok is an apocalyptic series of events resulting in the world submerging into water and it’s rebirth along with the death of gods including Thor and Loki.
The original actors portraying lead characters will be returning and the release date has been announced as November the 3rd.

9.  JUSTICE LEAGUEjustice league movie poster

2017 seems to be a great year for comic fans with the release of many superhero themed flicks in store.
Justice league will pick up where Batman Vs. Superman left off; at Clark Kent’s funeral when Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne concluded the need for them to join forces.
Jared Leto will be reprising his famed role of the Joker while Aquaman and Flash are also part of the film.
Speculation regarding superman making an appearance is also being circled.
The JL movie will grace the theatres on 17th November.


The last mega blockbuster film on our top ten list is perhaps the most anticipated free online movie of 2017.
Even though we will be watching Rouge One in 2016, we can hardly wait for the eighth installment in the series that has dominated our childhood and most of adulthood as well.
The plot thickens as Rey continues her journey with Finn, Luke Skywalker and Poe.
The film will pick up where Episode Seven left off.
This is surely to be a Star wars fan’s dream come true as hopes for some questions and mysteries to answered are being pegged on the new episode.
And we must say 2017 will be going out with a bang as the movie will be released on 15th of December next year.
We can hardly wait for the next year to arrive. If you want to check out some other cool free online movies without downloading or signing up being released next year, check the links below.
And in the meanwhile mark your calendars for the golden year of filmmaking.

3 Finest Film Adaptation (of books)

movie adaptation from books

The advent of the fast internet made it extremely comfortable to watch free movies online. You have to just sit in your lounge and stream full HD movies online. The cinema industry of today owes a big thank to the books as they gave some of the finest productions ever in the history of the cinema.
There is a famous saying “A great book should leave you with many experiences and slightly exhausted at the end, you live several lives while reading it”.  Film producers always strive for better and unique stories to paint thousand words in a picture.

Hundreds of films are being produced from the books and the list of hits is also huge. With respect to best direction, production cinematography and artwork here is a list of best three movies adaptation of books.

Shawshank Redemption

The third in our list is a masterclass direction from Frank Darabont, an adaptation of the Stephen Kingthe shawshank redemption movie poster novella Rita Heyworth. The movie was nominated for seven Oscars, it managed to retain the IMDB top most position.  Tim Robbins played one of his finest leading role with a legendary supporting actor Morgan Freeman. The story features an innocent man proved guilty for a crime, he didn’t commit, sent to a prison to rot for the rest his life. In prison, he did not lose hope and self-esteem.  The movie delineates friendship, rough times, hope, fright and sorrow.  Laying an astounding foundation, awesome screenplay paved the path of the movie’s success.  The film depicts Stephen King’s novel brilliantly, in fact, the movie came strong where the novel came up short. Overall it is one of the best books to film adaptation. It’s worth mentioning the music, maintaining dialogue decorum, the choreography, cinematography and the cast was absolutely stunning, that surely arouse the emotions of the audience.

The Lord of the Rings (series)lord of the rings the fellowship movie poster

The Lord of the Rings is a trilogy film directed by Peter Jackson. The movie series is based on a novel The Lord of the Rings written by J.R.R Tolkien in 1954. The popularity of novel was so big that it became a reference in many societies.
Lord of the Rings is a trilogy film which features a fictional world where the unusual characters set out in the quest for a Ring on which rests the power.
The series was filmed in New Zealand and it took 8 years to complete this project,
it consists of following parts.

The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) First Sequel

AFI acknowledged this part as the 2nd best film in fantasy genre after conducting a wide poll. In addition, it was nominated for thirteen Oscars. The movie was a massive hit at the box office grossing over $850 million worldwide, it remained as one of the highest grossing films.
The second part of the sequel is The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002). This part was also an emblem of huge success, with a budget of just $90 million the movie grossed a staggering figure of more than $900 million and have won the Academy Award for Best Visuals Effects and Best Sound Editing.  This part was an excellent blend of emotions with brilliant storytelling, leaving the audience in a thirst for the final part.
The last part The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kings was released on 2003.
It was one of the highest earning movie of the times grossed over $1.12billion worldwide. It took all the 11 nominated Academy Awards, that’s still a record.
The series adaptation of the book is still considered to be the most daring, brilliant and aspiring project to be undertaken in the history of cinema.

Harry Potter (Series)

Certainly, it is number one on anyone’s list of best book adaptation, based on a novel by J.k Rowling the series was produced by Warner Bros. Harry potter literature is of remarkable achievement, it is a piece of lifetime excellence. It has eight spectacular fantasy parts.

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001)
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 (2010)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011)
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

It features the struggle of the main character Harry Potter lived in a bizarre magical world, whose harry potter movie posterparents were killed and he was invited to a school to learn magic, uncovers the secrets of the killer by engaging in several supernatural encounters again and again.

The movie’s visual effect and sound editing are exceptional. There were almost five UK companies that took part in creating the amazing visual effects in the films. The series was also credited as the movie sequel which created a new era of visuals effects and animation in the UK. The sets for the scenes were quite extravagant and iconic.

As of 2015 Harry potter series was the 2nd highest revenue making franchise in the cinema industry.
All the films produced were a big success financially, expository and analytically.
We hope that we can see more masterclass adaptation in coming days.

Moana 2016 movie review

moana movie review 2016

It is safe to say that 2016 has been lacklustre when it comes to the big screen. The DC universe was the biggest disappointment with both Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad failing to reach the high bar set by the previous DC ventures. But then, there were a few good ones like Rogue One and Doctor Strange that made this year better for us. But when it comes to animated, we were once again treated to amazing stories that lasted in our minds a lot more than the regular movies. We all loved to go into the world of Nemo in Finding Dory and while Kung Fu Panda kinda disappointed, it was still nice to see our favorite characters back on the screen again.

Among these computer-generated productions, Walt Disney’s Moana was one of my favorites from this year. Starring Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” and Auli’i Cravalho in a starring role and based on a Hawaiian legend, Moana managed to steal our hearts with its cute humour and wonderful graphics. If you want to livestream movies online, be sure to visit bestfreestreamingmovies.com!

Now Moana is based on Hawaii around a teenage girl from a tiny Polynesian village on an island who has to find this Shapeshifting demigod named Maui (Johnson) to get a hold of a mystical goddess’s heart. Now the whole setting is really light and funny and Auli’i gives a perfect performance as Moana, the adventurous, yet incredibly cute little girl who has some powers over the water. Dwayne Johnson also fits in the plot perfectly with his timely jokes and his rendering of the local demigod Maui. His voice seems to be following the facial expressions of his cartoon character religiously!

The ocean is there and Moana and Maui get on an amazing adventure to retrieve the magical objects from the villain’s backyard. I love the colors from the animated movie and somehow it reminds me a lot of Lilo and Stitch, which was probably the cutest cartoon film from the early 2000s. Moana is very similar in both appearance and character as Lilo (though not an oddball like the latter) and she also loves sailing around in the sea picking the right conversations with the wrong guys! The music is Hawaiian mixed with English songs and gives a feeling of energetic euphoria throughout. I love Hawaiian!

Moana (2016) Movie Trailer

The film was released on November 23, 2016 and has grossed over $350 million dollars worldwide against a budget of $150 million which isn’t much considering the success of animated movies we see around the block but it is a little confusing to me since it is one solid family entertainment and all adults liked it as well with over great ratings from Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic.

But, like every film, it has its critics. Now Maui is a revered figure in Polynesian way of life and so does Moana. The depiction of both these characters has received flack from local circles as people don’t like their cultural icons displayed in a way that is not coherent with the folklore. Maui is particularly criticized because the filmmakers organized it as an overweight, jolly demigod that is exactly opposite of what the Polynesians remember him for and as a result, minor problems presented themselves to the producers during and after the release. But, nevertheless, it was an amazing animation that deserves applause for its originality and funny setting.

Moana is a complete cinematic experience in 3D with some jaw-dropping colorful animation and solid screen performances that can’t be missed. So, if 2016 has been one bad year for you movie wise, get ready to go to the theatres for a fun ride that gives me the Rio vibes!

50 Shades of Grey Movie Review

Fifty Shades of Grey is a film adaptation of the  erotic novel of E.L. James.  Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is a graduating university senior who pitches in for a sick friend to interview billionaire business magnate Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan).  What started out as a one-on-one, school paper interview soon progressed into a tumultuous affair.

     After the interview and photo-shoot, both part ways.  Ana graduates and celebrates with friends at a bar.  She calls up Christian who later sought and found her at the bar.  She finds herself the following day in a hotel room with Christian but he assures her nothing intimate has happened.

     The two continue to meet at Christian’s “playroom”.  Christian insists that Ana signs an NDA about the affair and tells her of his penchant for sexual bondage and unconventional intimate relations.  She studies the contract but ends up having relations with him, largely on his terms.

     One day Ana tells of her plan to be with her mom in Georgia.  She also tells Christian that she can’t stand a one-way relationship with him.  Though upset, he flies to Georgia and takes her for a euphoric ride in a glider.

     Despite Christian’s icy demeanor, Ana continues to get intimate with him, agreeing to his whims and BSDM-style of intimacy.  She attempts to analyze his behavior, allowing him to punish her by thrashing.  Finally, she realizes she can no longer stand Christian’s sexual proclivities and decides to end the affair.

     The screen adaptation of E.L. James’ bestseller is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.  In this film, viewers see Johnson’s touch in executing psychosexual relationships although he presented BDSM sans the moral judgment.  Those who have followed Jamie Dornan on BBC’s “The Fall” will thirst for his usual serial killer aura but soon fans will reconnect as he acts out Christian’s disturbing side.

     The script perfectly captured E.L. James’ voice.  It did not fall short of his fans’ expectations but Kelly Marcel may have done a better job at writing.  People who have read the book and expect the film to show a barrage of porn will get a bit disappointed.  The scene where both lead stars ride the glider is remarkable.  In the absence of dialogues, they effectively imbued unhinged, uncontrollable bliss.

     Obviously, the final scene was set-up so viewers will go catch the sequel.

Brutal – Dark Movie ( Her Vengeance)

ver vengance movie

A dark and brutal rape/revenge movie, Hong Kong style.  Directed by Ngai Kai Lam (of Story of Ricky fame) this is a tense and disturbing thriller with a truly savage final reel.

An unassuming hostess runs afoul of a group of drunken robbers and thugs at her club, and the incident ver vengance movieends in them being ejected. They wait for her to leave work and then viciously beat and gang rape her in cemetary. Laughing, they leave her battered and bleeding.

This scene isn’t pleasant to watch. You’d probably expect that, but it’s filmed in a merciless style, intensely lit, and it isn’t glossed over in a few seconds. It’s not so much exploitative as it is unpleasantly honest.

Kit-Ying soon decides she’ll have her revenge no matter what the cost. She moves to Hong Kong and asks her wheelchair bound uncle Hsiung for help. He counsels her to give up and move on but gives her a job. As much as he wants to stay out of her troubles, her quest for revenge and the resulting downward spiral eventually drag him and the other innocent people around her in.

Pauline Wong is quite good as Kit-Ying; breaking down occasionally, but generally empty as she hunts down the men who raped her. The late Ching-Ying Lam is great as Hsiung.  It’s unlikely you’ve ever seen a wheelchair used quite the way he uses it towards the end.

The rapists are brutish thugs but not completely stupid; after Kit-Ying eliminates one or two of them they start to figure things out.  They’re tough guys and they’re not about to go down easily. The film is fairly taut revenge thriller up until the final showdown and then things go completely over the edge. That’s not to say that it plays out unrealistically; it’s a bizarre but completely primal display of savagery and the will to survive.

See Her Vengeance if you’ve got a strong stomach for extreme content and violence.  It’s a raw and effective piece of work with some fine cinematography, and it’s smarter than most other films in its genre. It’s a shame Ngai Kai Lam didn’t direct more films.