50 Shades of Grey Movie Review

Fifty Shades of Grey is a film adaptation of the  erotic novel of E.L. James.  Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is a graduating university senior who pitches in for a sick friend to interview billionaire business magnate Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan).  What started out as a one-on-one, school paper interview soon progressed into a tumultuous affair.

     After the interview and photo-shoot, both part ways.  Ana graduates and celebrates with friends at a bar.  She calls up Christian who later sought and found her at the bar.  She finds herself the following day in a hotel room with Christian but he assures her nothing intimate has happened.

     The two continue to meet at Christian’s “playroom”.  Christian insists that Ana signs an NDA about the affair and tells her of his penchant for sexual bondage and unconventional intimate relations.  She studies the contract but ends up having relations with him, largely on his terms.

     One day Ana tells of her plan to be with her mom in Georgia.  She also tells Christian that she can’t stand a one-way relationship with him.  Though upset, he flies to Georgia and takes her for a euphoric ride in a glider.

     Despite Christian’s icy demeanor, Ana continues to get intimate with him, agreeing to his whims and BSDM-style of intimacy.  She attempts to analyze his behavior, allowing him to punish her by thrashing.  Finally, she realizes she can no longer stand Christian’s sexual proclivities and decides to end the affair.

     The screen adaptation of E.L. James’ bestseller is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.  In this film, viewers see Johnson’s touch in executing psychosexual relationships although he presented BDSM sans the moral judgment.  Those who have followed Jamie Dornan on BBC’s “The Fall” will thirst for his usual serial killer aura but soon fans will reconnect as he acts out Christian’s disturbing side.

     The script perfectly captured E.L. James’ voice.  It did not fall short of his fans’ expectations but Kelly Marcel may have done a better job at writing.  People who have read the book and expect the film to show a barrage of porn will get a bit disappointed.  The scene where both lead stars ride the glider is remarkable.  In the absence of dialogues, they effectively imbued unhinged, uncontrollable bliss.

     Obviously, the final scene was set-up so viewers will go catch the sequel.

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