2016 – Not a Bad Year For Hollywood (Top Movie Earners)

top hollywood movie earnings for 2016

2016 was the most lucrative year for Hollywood in its entire history. Now much of it is attributed to the rapid expansion of the industry and increasing global appeal and not the quality of the movies because this was a somewhat mediocre year when it comes to quality of the movies. But, nonetheless, many movies were able to gross a lot of money this time around. So, which of them racked up the most bucks? Here are the top five worldwide grossing movies from 2016:

5. The Secret Life of Pets- $875 million the secret life of pets movie poster

With regular movies not being up to the mark, this year the animated movies stole the show with Moana, Zootopia and Finding Dory doing exceptionally well. The Secret Lives of Pet was also a creative masterpiece that enthralled not just kids but people from all age groups. It was a story that was just created for the big screen regarding the secret lives of all sorts of pets that they hide from humans. If you love cute animals, you would have definitely seen this one.


4. Jungle Book- $965 millionjungle book

The classic Disney cartoon was rebooted this year and while it cannot be called animation, the breathtaking special effects and the artistry behind the scenes mean that the cinema goers were amazed by how it played out. It has a slightly different story than the original and hence it was somewhat of a surprise as well. It was both critically and commercially a successful movie and now ranks among the top five earners of this year. I have my fingers crossed for a sequel but it should be just as good.



3. Zootopia-$1.023 billionzootopia movie poster

Another Disney movie steals the show here and it helped make the studios the highest earning entity in cinema last year with over 6 billion in cinema money rolling in. The animated movie was also a critical success since it dealt with stereotypes in the society and how it affects the young ones around us. It is a much watch for the children and animation lovers from across the world and while it will be difficult finding it on screens now, do take it on DVD or live stream the movie on our website!



2. Finding Dory- $1.029 billionfinding dory movie poster

We all fell in love with Nemo and Dory in the original Finding Nemo from 2003 and since then there was talk about a possible sequel on the cards but it was delayed for over 13 years and finally we were able to see the Disney/Pixar movie that didn’t disappoint. Now this time it was Finding Dory, who is played by Ellen Degeneres and has a memory of about ten seconds so it was pretty interesting imagining it in my head and even more fun seeing it on the big screen. The ocean is back and this time, the special effects are even better and the reefs and the fishes look real, except when they open their mouth and show their weird accents. Most of the old cast is back along with a few up and comers and it is the same amazing experience once again. Overall, really solid production and currently stands number two on the highest grossing movies of 2016.

1. Captain America: Civil War- $1.2 billion dollarscaptain america civil war movie poster

Now it was less of a Captain America movie and more of an Avengers movie minus the Hulk and Thor. This time all the cocky bullshit is gone and the movie takes a much more serious tone and the storyline is really solid for once, something Marvel isn’t exactly famous for. There are two teams this time around that start forming after a difference of opinion between Tony stark aka Iron Man and Captain Steve Rodgers aka Captain America but it is not that simple.

It is an ideological difference between the two and how the see the future of Avengers and whether or not, leaders of the world would have any control over their operations. It soon gets darker and someone gets hurt and then we are just gripped by the story. Having an ensemble cast is not an easy thing, but the director does it so well, giving each individual character ample time and action sequence. We learn a lot about the Winter Soldier as well.

Anyway, top of the line action, well-knit story and some great directing made it into the biggest blockbuster yet. We say yet because until this article was written, Rogue One: A Star Wars movie was doing great on theatres with some solid figures and it may well take out the Civil War from the top of the standings for last year. But since it was released just fifteen days prior to the end of this year and is still going strong, I wouldn’t consider it a movie of 2016 at all. It has racked up $800 million worldwide already. You can stream all of these movies in good prints over here.

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